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Arts Future Classroom is an open project crowd-sourcing ‘unlectures’ for the arts, humanities and social sciences. We’re interested in finding and sharing creative ways of teaching creativity and critical thinking.


Do you have a lesson plan for a ‘flipped’, ‘hybrid’ or experimental approach to teaching that you’re willing to share? Then please let us have all the details via our submissions form. Where possible we’d love you to include your slides. You can do this by saving them to your Google Drive or Dropbox and giving us the link in the ‘‘ section. You can also link to Slideshare. If you have images of the class being taught, we’d love you to attach them, otherwise an image that reflects the class content would be great.


Arts Future Classroom was established as a mirror to Arts Future Book, a research project and experimental multi-modal academic book series investigating how digital technology impacts the form and content of the arts book. Our other educational projects include PhD2Published and AcWriMo.


The project is supported by the Association of Art Historians and a City University of Hong Kong Teaching Start-Up grant.