Art Appreciation: The Art World goes BOOM

Thursday, September, 10th, 2015

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Art Appreciation: The Art World goes BOOM aims to provide a basic introduction to, and appreciation for, art.

This course explores the nature of art in various aesthetic, formal, and social dimensions through a combination of lecture, discussion, hands-on activities, and experiential learning. This involves the analysis of art objects, mediums, and the functions of art in order to provide understanding, enjoyment, life enhancement, and a wellspring of knowledge for witty banter at parties. These are higher level thinking skills that are applicable in any field or discipline. The focus of this course is on a non-traditional approach that aims to challenge and engage non-art majors in critical thinking about art.


Is There a Textbook in this Class? No. You’re Going to Write it.

Thursday, May, 28th, 2015

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This project uses collaborative digital writing strategies to engage students in the creation of a class-wide multimedia textbook on British culture from the 17th century to the present.

In groups of five, students work over the course of the semester to research and write an approximately 4,000-word multimedia eBook chapter on a topic related to the historical developments of British literature and culture. In addition to outstanding primary and secondary research, students are expected to use relevant images, videos, or interactivity that makes use of eBook technology and helps to support their analysis of the historical period. Toward the end of semester these chapters are compiled into a course textbook by an editorial team, and this text serves as a revision tool for the final examination.


Wikipedia Artist Biographies

Saturday, October, 11th, 2014

This project provides students with direct experience of writing a public, factual, biographical account of an artist for Wikipedia. Students form groups and are given guidelines but ultimately have to make team decisions and be publicly accountable for their work. Its great for teaching art history students how to create valuable contemporary research but in an class it provides instruction in participative digital writing.